Hair Color Trend

As ombres fade out a little bit in terms of popularity, the trend of color streaks is now coming in. Many people like the rainbow hair look, so bright colors in hair are still in style in a big way. One great new hair idea is purple streaks in red hair. To get vibrant colors, the hair will need to be lightened first if it is not already blond. Then the hair needs to rest about a week before the next treatment, so expect to walk around with blond hair for about a week. The hairstylist will then go about isolating the purple streaks will applying red color to the rest of the hair. This color will probably be bright like the mermaid Ariel’s hair for full effects. Then the purple will be applied to the foiled hair. The whole process will be washed out together- first the hair, then the foils will be opened up and washed out. The result of purple streaks in red hair will be a beautiful cataclysm of colors that will make the wearer look like the prettiest flower in the garden.